1841 Census, Standerwick

Kindly transcribed by Michael Sprackling.

The National Archives (formerly PRO) ref. HO 107/942/22

Superintendent Registrar's District Frome

Registrar's District Road

Inhabited Houses 15; Uninhabited houses 1; Building 0

Males 41; Females 48; Total 89

Folio/Page Place Names Age Profession, Trade, Employment [Born Soms?]
2/12White Chapel FarmJames PICKFORD45FarmerN
  Ann45 Y
  Samuel20 Y
  William15 Y
  Mary15 Y
  Joseph15 Y
  Clement12 Y
doOldford//Henry ADAMS75IndY
  Thomas40 Y
  Sophia35 Y
  Sarah30 Y
dodo//William HEATH60Ag. Lab.Y
  Charles20Ag. Lab.Y
dodo//Thomas BENNETT30Ag. Lab.Y
  Harriet25 Y
  Charlotte7 Y
  Emma5 Y
  Matilda4 Y
  Alfred2 Y
dodo//William EAMES30FulerY
  Eliza30 Y
  Lydia12 Y
  Charlotte11 Y
  Sarah9 Y
  Forehead [male]7 "

[footnote to p. 12] Detached from Schedule of the Parish of Berkeley Hundred of Frome (Dist 7)

Folio/Page Place Names Age Profession, Trade, Employment [Born Soms?]
3/13 Jabez5 Y
  William3 Y
  Henry8 months Y
dodo//Martha CROMWELL30 Y
  Daniel13 Y
  Joseph11 Y
  Lydia9 Y
  Emma6 Y
  Arthur2 Y
  /Sophia COX17 Y
dodo//William WHITE35LabY
  Eliza39 Y
  Elizabeth15 Y
  Sarah14 Y
  Ann12 Y
  John7 Y
  Emma6 Y
  George3 Y
  William1 Y
dodo 1u//Ann CHAMPIN61LabY
  Lucy30 Y
doSt Georges Cross//William MOSS55Ag. Lab.N
  Elizabeth55 N
  Susanna25 Y
3/12Standerwick Court//Henry EDGELL73Navy H PY
  Mary40 N
  /Jemima HENING20 N
  Betsey EDMONDS30 N
  Elizh. KINTON25F SY
  Sarah JAMES25F SY
  Christiana MAY24F SY
  Hannah FRANCIS20F SY
  John BABER29M SY
  Jeremiah CRAY14M SY
dodo//Jacob GRANT53Ag labN
  Ann45 N
  Thomas17Ag labY
  Harriet11 Y
  Elizh.8 Y
  Mary4 Y
dodo//Willm. BUSH45LabourerN
  Jane40 N
  Willm.16 N
  Elizabeth14 Y
  Hanah11 Y
  Mary8 Y
  David4 Y
dodo//Samuel TANER60 Y
4/13StanderwickSarah59 Y
  George9 Y
dodo//John PRIOR56Woolen WeaverY
  Lucy25 Y
  Sarah20 Y
  Elizabeth15 Y
  Simon20Ag labY
dodo//Jesse APPELGATE45Wool WeaverY
  Mary18 Y
  Harriet12 Y
  William10 Y
  Charles7 Y
  Emma4 Y

[footnote to p. 12] Detached from Frome Road No. 6.