1841 Census, Frome Union Workhouse

Kindly transcribed by Michael Sprackling.

The National Archives (formerly PRO) ref. HO 107/942/13

Superintendent Registrar's District Frome

Registrar's District Frome

Name of Institution, &c. Frome Union Workhouse - Parish of Frome

Certified by George THOMAS, Master of the Frome Union Workhouse; Thomas H. PAYNE, Registrar; L. HAGLEY, Superintendent Registrar

Males 139; Females 105; Total 244

Folio/Page Names Age Profession, Trade, Employment [Born Soms?]
24/1George THOMAS35MasterNo
 Phillips [fem] THOMAS35MatronNo
 Charles CHAPMAN20School MasterYes
 Honor WATTS40School MistressNo
 Henry BEBBY60PorterYes
 Esther BEBBY60NurseYes
 Edward LONG30Asst. PorterYes
 Mary HOWELL30Female ServantYes
 Charles THOMAS5 No
 Jane THOMAS3 Yes
 James ADLAM75 Yes
 John AUSTIN60 Yes
 John CHINNOCK60 Yes
 William JAMES60 Yes
 Thomas MILLARD55 Yes
 James STEVENS75 Yes
 Elizabeth SHEPPARD15 Yes
 Elizabeth WHITE40 Yes
 Thomas WHEELER20 Yes
 Arabella WEAVER13 Yes
 William WEAVER10 Yes
 Sarah BROOKMAN70 Yes
 Elizabeth PARFITT10 Yes
 Mary WHITE55 Yes
 John SHEPPARD60 Yes
24/2Elizabeth BURT35 Yes
 Matilda BARTER14 Yes
 Francis BARTER13 Yes
 Henry BARTER10 Yes
 Ann BARTER8 Yes
 Stephen HOUSTAN8 Yes
 Richard WEBB25 Yes
 George MILLS15 Yes
 John SHORT10 Yes
 Jane WALLIS45 Yes
 Samuel WALLIS14 Yes
 Henry WALLIS11 Yes
 John PAYNE15 Yes
 Jane PAYNE12 Yes
 Thomas PAYNE10 Yes
 William PAYNE7 Yes
 Martha SUMMERS45 Yes
 John HARVEY65 Yes
 William HODDINOTT13 Yes
 Eliza HODDINOTT11 Yes
 Charles HODDINOTT9 Yes
 Deborah ELLIOTT20 Yes
 Edward WHITCOMB40 Yes
 Mary ELLIOTT3 Yes
25/3Thomas KING65 Yes
 Hannah COUZENS35 Yes
 Samuel COUZENS13 Yes
 Arabella COUZENS7 Yes
 Henrietta COUZENS3 Yes
 Harriett STEVENSON14 Yes
 Clara PINNEL11 Yes
 Sarah FRENCH15 Yes
 William GIBBONS65 Yes
 Harry COOK55 Yes
 Susan COOK13 Yes
 Francis LEE14 Yes
 BABER Mary14 Yes
 BABER Samuel13 Yes
 BABER Eliza12 Yes
 BABER Thomas7 Yes
 Fanny JELLY25 Yes
 Mary TUDGAY90 Yes
 John SPETICUE55 Yes
 Walter HUGHES12 Yes
 William HUGHES7 Yes
 Edward SHEPPARD13 Yes
 Harmer [male] SHEPPARD15 Yes
 John WALLIS45 Yes
25/4Mary SUTTON35 No
 George SUTTON15 Yes
 Caroline SUTTON6 No
 Thomas HORLER40 Yes
 Edward PROVIS14 Yes
 Samuel SUTTON2 Yes
 John WHIMPEY45 Yes
 William SUTTON15 No
 Stephen MIDDLETON45 Yes
 William MIDDLETON15 Yes
 Elizabeth BROOKMAN13 Yes
 Edward OAKES70 No
 Richard ORAM60 Yes
 Benjamin BURRELL60 Yes
 Prudence TUDGAY15 Yes
 William TUDGAY13 Yes
 Elizabeth PAYNE15 Yes
 Samuel BABER35 Yes
 William WHEELER15 Yes
 Charlotte HEATH20 Yes
 Eli HEATH3 Yes
 James HEATH1 Yes
 Richard WATTS9 Yes
 Louisa WATTS6 Yes
 Ruth TANNER25 Yes
26/5George TANNER1 Yes
 Frederick JENKINS5 Yes
 John HACKETT35 Yes
 Elizabeth HACKETT10 Yes
 John HACKETT6 Yes
 William HACKETT3 Yes
 Sarah FRENCH25 Yes
 William FRENCH4 Yes
 Mary PRATTON40 Yes
 Sarah WALTERS20 Yes
 Maria FRENCH40 Yes
 Caroline FRENCH9 Yes
 Emma FRENCH7 Yes
 Mary FRENCH5 Yes
 William FRENCH1 Yes
 Jane FRENCH1 Yes
 Elizabeth DALLIMORE15 Yes
 Christopher DANIELS14 Yes
 James DANIELS10 Yes
 Henry DANIELS7 Yes
 Frederick VIGOR15 Yes
 David GEORGE40 Yes
 Alfred GEORGE13 Yes
26/6Emma GEORGE8 Yes
 William GEORGE6 Yes
 George YERBURY5 Months Yes
 Thomas WHITFIELD35 Yes
 Sarah GREEN40 Yes
 Elijah GREEN14 Yes
 Thomas GREEN3 Yes
 Ann BEBBY75 No
 Fanny WEST20 Yes
 Sarah WEST5 Months No
 Mary BABER25 Yes
 Elizabeth BABER4 Yes
 Mary MORGAN20 Yes
 William WOODS60 Yes
 John GOLLEDGE60 Yes
 Robert PERRING25 No
 James DAVAGE60 Yes
 Sarah DAVAGE45 No
 Isaac DAVAGE15 Yes
 Mary DAVAGE3 Yes
 James DAVAGE1 Yes
 Sarah MINTY20 Yes
 William CLEMENTS35 Yes
27/7Elizabeth CLEMENTS9 Yes
 William CLEMENTS3 Yes
 James LEWIS45 Yes
 Martha NAISH25 Yes
 Maria NAISH2 Yes
 James LACY50 Yes
 James MOORE14 No
 George MOORE8 No
 Thomas MOORE15 No
 John PERRY65 Yes
 Frank HEWER60 Yes
 Martha WHEELER7 Yes
 William WHEELER9 Yes
 James BABER80 Yes
 James NOAD55 No
 William ABBOTT4 Yes
 William WEDLOCK15 Yes
 John WEDLOCK11 Yes
 Humphrey WEDLOCK12 Yes
 Mary WEDLOCK5 Yes
 James CHIVERS55 Yes
 Esther CHIVERS50 Yes
 Caroline CHIVERS11 Yes
 Susan CHIVERS10 Yes
27/8Ann SPENCER30 No
 Clara SPENCER6 Yes
 Hannah HARDING50 Yes
 Richard GUNSTONE50 No
 James CRAY50 Yes
 Ann TOOP25 No
 Thirza TOOP5 Months Yes
 George REYNOLDS15 Yes
 Frank SADLER50 Yes
 Thomas ASHLEY6 Yes
 Charles READ11 Yes
 Joseph FORD12 Yes
 Mary DOWDING7 Yes
 Jeremiah WATTS40 No
 Ann WATTS12 No
 Charles WATTS6 No
 Thomas WATTS3 No
 Benjamin WATTS15 No
 William LANSDOWN20 Yes
 James TAYLOR9 Yes
 Jane ASHMAN25 Yes
 Elizabeth ASHMAN5 Yes
 Mary TAYLOR14 Yes
 Harriett HEAL13 Yes
28/9Richard MATHER15 No
 Harriett HILL30 Yes
 Samuel HILL4 Yes
 Mary HILL4 Months Yes
 Elizabeth CLARK70 Yes
 Edward TOOGOOD70 Yes
 John DERHAM85 Yes
 Henry STOKES9 Yes
 Simeon COOMBS9 Yes
 Robert PEARCE11 Yes
 Ann STOKES15 Yes
 Jane STOKES 14 Yes
 Hester BRAY14 Yes
 Charles WHITTINGTON15 Yes
 Hezekiah CLARK25 Yes
 Samuel PURDLE45 Yes
 Isaac COWARD15 Yes
 Martha READ4 Yes
 Richard DODDIMEAD60 Yes
 Isaac BIGGS55 Yes
 James WHITE75 Yes
 George YOUNG85 Yes
 Uriah DANIELS75 Yes
 John HILLIAR30 Yes
 Mary HILLIAR70 No
28/10Elizabeth CLARK65 Yes
 Lydia DAVIS30 Yes
 Elizabeth DEAN15 Yes
 John BUDGETT30 Yes
 Martha NEWPORT75 Yes
 Eliza NOBLE11 Yes
 Elizabeth NOBLE9 No
 Sarah NOBLE6 No
 John FORD9 Yes
 John BATTLE15 Yes
 George TAYLOR60 Yes
 John DORE20 Yes
 Dorcas PARRIS12 No
 Louisa PARRIS7 No
 Benjamin BIGGS80 Yes
 Sarah ASHMAN40 No
 Soloman ASHMAN4 Yes
 Elizabeth ASHMAN4 Months Yes
 William CREASE15 Yes