1841 Census of Frome

H.O. 107/942/10

Superintendent Registrar's District Frome

Registrar's District Frome

Enumeration District 14 - All that part of the parish of Frome lying to the North East of the Turnpike Road from Orchard St. to Vallis Lease Gate the east side of the foot path thence to Cradle Bridge Vallis Vale the West side of the River from this point to Murtry Bridge South Side of the Turnpike Road to Bradfords Bridge West side of the River thence to Hilly fields the West side of the footpath Spring Lane and Grope Lane to the corner of Orchard Street South of this St. and Gould Grounds

James WISE, Enumerator; Thomas Hy. PAYNE, Registrar; L. HAGLEY Superintendent Registrar

Inhabited Houses Uninhabited houses Building Males Females Total
45 2 0 104 122 226

Folio/Page Place Names Age Profession, Trade, Employment Where Born
21/1 Vallis Way William FAIRBANKS 58 Solicitor No
    Frances 64   No
do do //Samuel GREGORY 40 Card Maker Yes
    Mary 40   No
    /Ann WHITE 18 F S No
do Vallis Leaze //Henry HOUSTON 38 Clothier Yes
    Emma 23   Yes
    Jacintha 2   Yes
    Amelia 3 months   Yes
    /Sarah MORGAN 40 Independent No
    Hannah BUDD 28 F S Yes
    Emma CRAY 16 do Yes
do do //John BURGESS 42 Independent Yes
    Susan 40   Yes
do Goulds Ground //Sarah YERBURY 38 Woollen Weaver Yes
    Charles 15 Work in Factory Yes
    Francis 13 do Yes
    George 11 do Yes
    Emma 7   Yes
    Elizabeth 5   Yes
    Gibeon 3   Yes
do do //George FLOWER 64 Woollen Weaver Yes
    Betty 70   Yes
    /James PAIN 30 Tailor Yes
    Martha 40   Yes
21/2 Goulds Ground Henry 4   Yes
do   //William SINGER 34 Woollen Weaver Yes
    Ann 35 do Yes
    Ann 7   Yes
    Elizabeth 5   Yes
    Henry 3   Yes
do do //John BURGESS 40 Clothier Yes
    Ann 30   Yes
    John 22 Woollen Weaver Yes
    Joseph 20 Ap, Currier Yes
    Samuel 13 Cloth Worker Yes
    Elizabeth 15   Yes
    William 8   Yes
    Henry 2   Yes
    James 10 months   Yes
do do //Robert MOON 66 Clothier Yes
    Mary 65   Yes
    /Mary WHEELER 13 Grandaughter [deleted] Yes
    Ann PAYNE 16 F S Yes
do do //William YERBURY 30 Card Maker Yes
    Sarah 30   Yes
    Sarah 7   Yes
    Emily 5   Yes
    William 3   Yes
    Alfred 11 months   Yes
22/3 Goulds Ground //Sarah CULLEN 35 Wire Worker Yes
    Eliza 10 do Yes
    Agnes 7 do Yes
    Elizabeth 4   Yes
    Isabella 2   Yes
    Benjamin 8   Yes
do do //John REYNOLDS 50 Woolen Cloth Worker Yes
    Susan 50 Wire Setter Yes
    Francis 20 do Drawer Yes
    Mary 20 Wire Setter Yes
    Sarah 20 do Yes
    Edward 15 Woollen Cloth Worker Yes
    /Sarah HURLE 20 Wire Setter Yes
do do //James THATCHER 63 Woollen Spinner Yes
    Mary 56   No
    William 2   Yes
do do //Matilda Ann AYERS 35 Independent No
    Richard 12   Yes
    Mary 11   Yes
    John 10   Yes
    Matilda 9   Yes
    /Maria COCKEY 45 Independent Yes
    Elizabeth YATES 15 Female Servant Yes
do do //John FRENCH 60 Woollen Manufacturer Yes
    Mary MOON 22 Female Servant Yes
22/4 Goulds Grounds Lovday [fem] FRENCH 60   No
    /William NIAS 40 Independent Yes
    William FRENCH 3   No
    Hester VINER 15 Female Servant Yes
do do //Maria RAWLINGS 35 Card Manufacturer Yes
    Rachel 15   Yes
    Maria 14   Yes
    Isaac 12   Yes
    Emma 7   Yes
    Samuel 5   Yes
    William 3   yes
    /Sarah GUNNING 20 Female Servant Yes
    Fanny Sarah POOLE 25 Independent No
    Charlotte Maria 25 do No
    Fanny Emily 3   No
do do //John EVANS 45 Woollen Weaver Yes
    Elizabeth 15 Shoe Binder Yes
    Martha 9   Yes
do do //Alfred DANIEL 31 Clergyman Yes
    Eliza Ann 30   Yes
    Charles Henry Olace do 4   No
    Elizabeth Grace 3   No
    George Alfred 2   Yes
    /Eliza FAIRBANKS 25 Female Servant No
    Sarah BROOKS 23 do No
23/5 Goulds Ground //James VINING 65 Woollen Weaver No
    Martha 56 do Yes
    John 21 Journeyman Weaver Yes
do Parish of Frome out of the Borough Vallis Leaze //Joseph GERRETT 50 Woollen Dyer Yes
    Sarah 50   Yes
    Richard 20 J Carpenter Yes
do do //Charles GERRETT 28 Woollen Dyer Yes
    Elizabeth 37 Washerwoman Yes
    Mary Ann 4   Yes
    Joseph 2   Yes
do do //Charles DENMEAD 30 Carpenter Yes
    Eleanor 23 Dress Maker Yes
    Henry George 7 weeks   Yes
    /Mary 68 living with her son [deleted] Yes
do do //John KING 30 Woollen Weaver Yes
    Lydia 30 do Yes
    Emma Jane 3 months   Yes
    /Thomas FARRANT 25 Woollen Weaver Yes
do do //Charles COX 37 do Cloth Worker Yes
    Hester 40 do Yes
    Orlando 10   Yes
    Emma 10   Yes
    Edwin 9   Yes
    Hephzibah 5   Yes
    Amelia 4   Yes
23/6 Vallis Leaze //Elizabeth CLARE 30 Independent Yes
    /Joseph PICKFORD 40 Hay Dealer Yes
do do //John ALLEN 35 Woollen Weaver Yes
    Hannah 35 do Yes
    John 9   Yes
    Eliza 7   Yes
    Mary 5   Yes
    Ann 3   Yes
    /Martha 1   Yes
    /Hannah PARADISE 65 Pauper Yes
do do //Joseph ROUSE 35 Woollen Weaver Yes
    Hester 30 do Yes
do do //George PARSONS 30 Coal Dealer Yes
    Sarah 30   Yes
    Eliza 7   Yes
    George 5   Yes
do do //William PARFITT 45 Sawyer Yes
    Ellen 40   Yes
    Eliza 19   Yes
    Silas 18 Ag Labourer Yes
    Thomas 16 in Cloth Factory Yes
    William 11 do Yes
    Martha 3   Yes
do do //Frederick GERRETT 30 Ag Labourer No
    Harriett 25   No
24/7 Vallis Leaze William 2   No
do do //Ellen UNDERWOOD 35 Woollen Weaver Yes
    Ann TOOP 15 do Yes
    Thomas FORD 10   Yes
    /George UNDERWOOD 60 Ag Labourer Yes
do do //Robert ASHBY 25 Farmer Yes
    Prudence 25   Yes
    Francis Edmund 3   Yes
    Jane 2   Yes
    James 2 months   Yes
    /Charlotte THORNE 20 F Servant Yes
    James BISHOP 25 Ag Labourer Yes
do do //Benjamin BALL 33 Beer Seller Yes
    Harriet 35   Yes
do do //Grace MILLGROVE 70 Pauper Yes
    James 30 Ag Labourer Yes
    Henry 25 do Yes
    /Jacob PEARCE 40 do Yes
do do 1u //Joseph GOODEN 25 Sawyer Yes
    Elizabeth 22   Yes
    John 3   Yes
    Mary Ann 2   Yes
do do //Moses CARVER 35 Ag Labourer Yes
    Mary 35   Yes
    Maria 8   Yes
24/8 Vallis Leaze Eliza 6   Yes
    Emma 2   Yes
do   //Oliver CARVER 30 Ag Labourer Yes
    Eliza 30   Yes
    George 12 Ag Labourer Yes
    Henry 8   Yes
    Thomas 6   Yes
    Rhoda 2   Yes
do Vallis Farm //Edmund ASHBY 70 Farmer Yes
    James 40 do Yes
    /Mary JOYCE 60 F Servant Yes
    Ann PITTMAN 15 do Yes
    Isaac BRAY 15 Ag Labourer Yes
do Bradfords Bridge //John PEARCE 40 Handle Setter in Woollen Factory Yes
    Maria 35   Yes
    Maria 10 Work in Factory Yes
    Mary 9 do Yes
    Jane 6   Yes
    Elizabeth 4   Yes
do do 1u //Elizabeth HUGHES 40 Beer Seller Yes
    William 17 Miller Yes
    James 14 do Yes
    Ann 12   Yes
    /Enos MITCHELL 25 Fuller No
    Henry LEE 25 Wooll Dyer No
25/9 Selwood //George ROPER 55 Work in Clothing Factory Yes
    Ann 57   Yes
    Henry 18 in Cloth Factory Yes
    Frederick 15 do Yes
    Harriott 21 do Yes
    William 25 do Yes
    Elizabeth 14   Yes
do Selwood Farm //George HODDINOTT 35 Farmer Yes
    Sarah 30   Yes
    Francis 2   Yes
    /Eliza DREWETT 20 F Servant Yes
do Whatcombe Farm //Prudence FRANCIS 70 Farmer Yes
    Samuel 35 do Yes
    Henry 27 do Yes
    Mary 25   Yes
    Caroline 14   No
    /Ambrose MILLARD 20 Carter Yes
    Frances MOODY 50 Nurse yes
do Turnpenny House 1u //Benjamin WEELLER 50 Ag Labourer Yes
    Ann 50   Yes
    Ann HAREBOTTLE 11 Grandaughter [deleted] Yes

The following entries have been deleted:-

25/9 Marston Biggott Parish //Thomas SCOTT 65 Pauper Yes
    Mary 70 do Yes
    William 40 Coal Dealer Yes
    James 6   Yes
25/10 Cole Lane //William PARFITT 25 Carter Yes
    Ann 20   Yes
    Prudence 20 months   Yes
do Cole Lane Gate //James GANE 40 Toll Collector Yes
    Elizabeth 40   Yes
    Maria 4   Yes
    Alfred 2   Yes
    /Sarah COOMBS 85 Independent Yes
do Cole Lane Farm //John BEAUCHAMP 40 Farmer Yes
    Esther 40   Yes
    Henry 20   Yes
    Ann 13   Yes
    Alfred 8   Yes
    Edmund 3   Yes
    George 6   Yes
    Albert 1   Yes

The following entries remain undeleted!:-

25/10 Frome Parish James GANE 40 Toll Collector Yes
  Cole Lane Gate Elizabeth 40   Yes
    Maria 4   Yes
    Alfred 2   Yes
    /Sarah COOMBS 85 Independent Yes